Custom Sneaker Spotlight- October 2022

Custom Sneaker Spotlight- October 2022

October saw creative customs taking inspiration everywhere, from animated classics like Alice in Wonderland to classic cars like the Dodge Charger. For many of these customs, the key was a selective color palette to help make the most of their designs. By sticking to only a few colors these customizers were able to create elaborate designs without their work getting lost in the details.

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Nike Air Force 1 Alice in Wonderland 

(source: @cassykustoms)

Sponsored artist @cassykustoms gives a pair of Air Force 1s that Disney treatment with these fantastical Alice in Wonderland-themed customs. From the Cheshire Cat stripe-inspired liners to the White Rabbit on the heel, she uses every inch of these sneakers to illustrate this animated classic. She splits her color palette between the magenta and purple of the Cheshire Cat and the blue and greens of the leaves in Wonderland, while leaving parts of the uppers in white so the characters can really stand out.

Purple & Peach Nike Blazers

(source: @taicustomkicks)

How do you make a design that's so complex, but also so clean? Sponsored artist @taicustomkicks has that figured out and it shows on these purple and peach Nike Blazers. With everything from intertwining snakes to squids to flowers, this complicated custom keeps things from getting muddled with a tight color palette. High Top Nike Blazers make the perfect canvas for such an elaborate design, with lots of room on the side of the shoe. The design covers the uppers and even trails down onto the midsole, for a wild cartoon look.

Iron Man Nike Air Force 1

(source: @inspirally)

For customs any Marvel fan will appreciate check out these intricate Iron Man Air Force 1s by @inspirally. Tonal blue on blue uppers help make red accents, like Iron Man's helmet, really stand out. A combination of airbrushing and hand painting makes details like the text on the heel really stand out. Painting the heel and quarter with this Iron Man design, while leaving the rest of the shoe in its original white also helps to make the design stand out. These crisp white Air Force 1s and a crisp design are a perfect combination.

Nike Jordan 4 Scat Pack Charger

(source: @jarcustoms)

Inspiration can come from anywhere, as these Scat Pack Charger custom Jordan 4s by @jarcustoms prove. These Dodge Charger-inspired sneakers come in soft blue with racing stripes in black and yellow running down the tongue to the toe. Intricate taping is what sets these customs apart, giving them clean lines, both on the toe and around the midsole, for that professional touch. 

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