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Custom Sneaker Spotlight: September 2022

Sep 30, 2022 · Air Force 1 · Angelus Leather Paint · Angelus Paints · Angelus Sponsored Artist · Custom sneakers · Disney · Leather Dye · Leather paint · Nike · Vans

This September we saw customs take inspiration from movies, cartoons, and even literal fire. What really sets these sneakers apart is the perfect finishing touch with the right clear coat. A clear coat protects your finished sneakers and lets you decide if you want a high-shine finish or a super matte look.

From spot-on interpretations of Classic Pixar movies to life-like, hand-painted flames, here are the custom sneakers that caught our notice this past month. Check out the latest customs and find all the paint supplies you need to perfect your own sneaker projects at Angelus Direct.

Flame Nike Air Force 1

(source: @justwincustoms)

These custom Air Force 1s by @justwincustoms are fire, with painted flames running up each sneaker. Painted matte black, these sneakers let the flames on the swoosh stand out in realistic yellow and red. These expertly painted flames give that flickering illusion of an actual fire as it completely engulfs the Nike logo.

Recreate the matte black look with Angelus Flat Black Paint or by finishing with Matte 4-Coat to help your own design stand out.

Joker Nike Air Jordan 1

(source: @colormefresh)

These custom sneakers take that chaotic Joker style and apply them to a classic pair of Air Jordan 1s. From comic book speech bubbles to Joker graffiti, these sneakers by sponsored artist @colormefresh bring all the wild energy of Batman's the Joker to one pair of sneakers. Purple and a stained off-white make up the base colorway for this pair, allowing @colormefresh to add details in red, green, and black.

His famous acid spraying flower on the neon green laces gives these customs the perfect Joker-style finishing touch.

Up x WALL-E Slip-On Vans

(source: @inspirally)

What's sweeter than a Pixar movie inspired custom? A custom inspired by two Pixar classics, like these slip-on Vans by @inspirally. Hand painting in a style that perfectly matches that Pixar look is what really sets these Up meets WALL-E themed sneakers apart. Bright colors, like a background of sky blue, give these shoes the same feel you get from these modern animated classics.

Finish off your own leather paint project with a high shine like this one with some High Gloss 4-Coat. A professional level finish is what sets the best customs apart.

Nike Air Force 1 Stitch & Angel

(source: @cassykustoms)

Haven't gotten enough of animated inspired customs? Check out these adorable Stitch and Angel themed Air Force 1s by sponsored artist @cassykustoms. With a shoe for each character in blue and pink you're sure to know which shoe belongs to which character. Stitch and Angel hang out on each swoosh, while matching accents all over the shoes make everything from the laces to the toe box standout, giving them that animated look. Blue and pink laces to match take these white Air Force 1s to another level.

Satin 4-Coat helps protect and seal this design, so it can be enjoyed for a long time to come. Just cover the entire shoe to give it a consistent finish.

Check out Angelus Direct to find everything you need to create your own one of a kind pieces. To see more customs like these make sure to follow Angelus on Instagram and tag us in your own custom creations.

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