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Custom Weight Lifting Belts

Apr 14, 2023

Tired of walking the gym and seeing a dozen other people with the same gear? Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be this way! Get wild and who off your individuality by customizing your gym gear. Weight lifting belts are the perfect accessory to customize and show off your style in the gym. They are often genuine leather and flat, making them the perfect canvas to put your art skills to use. Use Angelus Leather Paints to create a colorful and durable weightlifting belt that will have you standing out for many workouts to come. Check out some amazing examples of custom-painted weight belts, but remember, your imagination is the limit for your own project!

Custom weight belt made with angelus paints by @bantiguearts

Multi-Character Anime Belt by @BantigueArts

Here is an insane multi-character belt that @bantiguearts made for a client. This all-over design combines characters from multiple universes to create a piece of art like no other. While the belt has a consistent green background throughout most of the design to create consistency, Richard Bantigue also pulls off having a wide range of colors incorporated throughout the design. The pops of color are sure to have you standing out in any gym.

Custom Weight Lifting belt with Angelus Paints by @Kiwicustomart

“GOJO x ANYA” Belt  by @kiwicustomart

Based on the Manga/Anime “Jujutsu Kaisen”, this belt by @kiwicustomart certainly captures the essence of the anime, showing off multiple characters and key elements of the show. The blue and purple hues that are used throughout the belt make for a seamless transition from one side to the other, showing off Kiwi’s ability to make wide-scale pieces that flow. You don’t have to be a Jujutsu fan to be jealous of this piece of art.

Custom Weight Lifting belt with Angelus Paints by @scottie_wilks_art

Superhero Belts by @Scottie_wilks_art

Superhero movies are bigger than ever, and with that comes people wanting show off their favorites. Some heroes may even be your inspiration for the gym, so why not have them right alongside you. Here are just a few of belts that Scottie has done for clients that contain some of our personal favorite Marvel and DC characters. This crispy work is perfect for bringing a bit of that comic fandom to the gym with you.

If you want to customize your own weight lifting belt, all you need is a handful of Angelus Leather Paints, some good vibes, and an appreciation for art. So don't be afraid to get creative with this project! Let your imagination be the only limit when it comes to turning that plain leather belt into a masterpiece. 

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