DIY Halloween Mask with Angelus Paints

DIY Halloween Mask with Angelus Paints

Learn the steps to painting your very own Halloween mask. Keep reading to learn how our good friend Sophie took $10 masks and transformed them into the centerpiece of a Halloween costume. You can also watch the tutorial video here.

Prepping plastic mask to be painted

Prep Your Mask

Prepping your mask will ensure the paint can properly bond to the plastic so you look great through the entire spooky season. Use Angelus Leather Preparer and Deglazer (or acetone) to remove any top coat that may come on the mask from the factory. This will also remove any oils, dirt, and smooth any small scuffs. It is also a great idea to use a high-grit sandpaper to prep the plastic as well. After sanding, do one more pass with Deglazer to remove and left over debris.

Sketching a design onto a mask

Sketch Your Design

Use a regular #2 pencil to sketch on your design onto your mask. This step isn't necessary, but can make painting your design a much smoother process. Feel free to erase and redraw until your design is perfect!

Using Angelus Paint Markers

Outline Your Design

Take an empty paint marker and pour in a mixture of equal parts Black Angelus Paint and Angelus 2-Thin. Then outline your design! You can also use this marker to color in smaller black parts of your design.

Painting a mask with Angelus Paints and 2-Hard

Paint Your Mask

Mix your designer Angelus Paint Colors with Angelus 2-Hard at a 1:1 ratio. This will help the Angelus Paint adhere better to the plastic and be more durable if your mask gets bumped or scratched. We recommend 3-5 Layers of paint or until your colors are solid. You can re-outline your design with another layer of black after coloring in your mask if needed.

Applying Angelus 2-Coat finisher to a custom mask

Add a Finisher

Finally add a finisher such as our 4-Coat on-top of your work. This will add an extra layer of protection as well as change the sheen of your project, in Sophie’s case, she chose Angelus Matte 4-Coat for a matte finish.

DIY Halloween mask made with Angelus Paints

Now that you’re done, head out to your spookiest parties and show off your new artwork!