Easter Colors with Angelus Brand

For the religious and nonreligious alike, Easter is inescapable. You know that time of year is back when chocolate starts to come in egg and rabbit shaped packages, and you start seeing colors like this everywhere.

Candy companies (and us) aren’t the only ones getting into the holiday spirit—sneaker companies take this time of year to drop different versions of your favorite sneakers, dripping in those infamous pastel hues. And it's just not companies, customizers are getting in on the action too.


While the history of “Easter colors” is as much a mystery as a bunny laying a painted egg, pink is probably one of the most associated with the holiday. Logically, the color is most associated with roses (or flowers in general), which tend to bloom during the Spring season. Regardless of where the color association started, come early April you’re going to see hues most places.

(Source: SneakerNews)

The sneaker world is not exempt from Easter either. With the bone pink being one of the breakout colors of the last few years, the Easter weekend is primetime for pastel colored drops. Take Nike for example, their Air Trainer Cruz is coming back in a light pink suede; and if you’ve ever worked with suede dye, you know that getting this color is a feat in-and-of itself.

(Source: SneakerNews)

These Air Force 1 High SL’s are next level comparatively speaking, but they make a clear statement about Easter. That being said, Easter is a great time to pick up some of Angelus Brand shoe paints and do your thing. We have plenty of lighter colors to work for those pastel shades. Where are all the Easter customs at this year?