Food for Thought

Food for Thought

Customs good enough to eat? We've got 'em! Whether it's salty or sweet, Angelus Direct has the paints to create your own edible inspired custom.

(source: @atamas_custom)

An ode to ramen on a leather chef's apron? It's a winning combination for any foodie. This custom by @atamas_custom features a fish jumping out an orange bowl of ramen, complete with a boiled egg and Narutomaki. For leather customs like this sea of noodles be sure to use the right finisher.

(source: @paintplaybychey)

Video games and ice cream make a sweet pair with these custom video game control covers by @paintplaybychey. There are a rainbow of color choices topped off in cherry red and sprinkles. From bubblegum to mint, vanilla to peach there is an Angelus Paint color to match your favorite ice cream flavor.

(source: @tinaartworks)

Keeping hydrated is more fun with Naruto! This custom water bottle by @tinaartworks is covered in your favorite Naruto characters. The bold Naruto text in orange, pink and blue will make this water bottle easy to spot.

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