Gift Guide: Give Big

Gift Guide: Give Big

When giving gifts, sometimes money is no object, all that matters is finding them a present that's perfect. If you're shopping for someone who is passionate about shoe restorations or loves creating one-of-a-kind custom sneakers here are some big-ticket gifts they'll never forget receiving.

If you know someone that loves Angelus Paint and has been slowly adding colors to their collection for years, give them the gift of the Complete Standard Color Kit. With 87 different colors, they're sure to have the shade they need or the perfect colors for mixing. From Grinch Green to Chili Red this set has all the basics covered and more. Pair this gift with some empty bottles to create even more colors.

Know someone who's always looking to learn new skills? Mastering an airbrush is a must for any shoe customizer and this Angelus x Grex XGI5 Airbrush Combo Kit has everything they need to learn how to airbrush like a pro. Complete with an airbrush compressor, 5mm nozzle, air hose, and airbrush holder, this kit has everything covered. They can use this airbrush to achieve a perfectly even painted finish or create a seamless gradient. Gift this airbrush with some 2-Thin, which they'll need to thin down paint or a Grex Airbrush Holder to add to their workbench which will make working with their airbrushes easier. You could also add a Grex-themed Air Freshener under the bow for a playful, airbrush-themed gift topper.

Does the person you're shopping for seem to have all the paint colors they need? If you think they would appreciate a little sparkle, give them the Complete Angelus Glitterlites Kit. With 19 colors to choose from, they're sure to find a color to match most of the paint they have, so they can add some sparkle to their craft project or customs. This flexible glitter paint makes it easy to add glitter since you don't have to mess with glue. Give them a new set of brushes with this gift so they have clean brushes to apply the Glitterlites with.

Know someone who loves to take a pair of Louboutins and give them new life? Give them the gift of shoe dye with the 12 Color Leather Dye Assortment Kit. This customizable kit allows you to choose 12 colors out of the 39 colors of Leather Dyes that Angelus Direct has to offer. They can use this leather dye to touch up well-loved shoes or give them a completely new look. Be sure to give them some All Purpose Applicators they can use for applying dye.

The most customizable big-ticket gift of all of course, is a gift card. Give $100 or $500, the amount is up to you, and allow them to choose their gift. They can use it to buy every color of leather paint Angelus Direct has to offer or get an airbrush to take their customs to the next level. Whether you're near or far, you can give a gift card in a card or send it as an e-gift card. All you have to do is enter the date you want it emailed to the recipient and they'll get the perfect gift in their inbox. E-gift cards never expire, so they can use it all at once or over time.

Find all your paint-related gifts at Angelus Direct this holiday season and be sure to follow Angelus on Instagram to see the latest custom creations.