Glitterlites Do's and Don'ts

Glitterlites Do's and Don'ts

Adding some shine to your customs is easy to achieve with the addition of Glitterlites paint. You no longer have to deal with the mess of glue and loose glitter when you want to add some sparkle. There are nineteen different colors to choose from, so it's easy to find the right shade. This paint works a little differently than normal paint, so here are some tips and tricks for getting the most out of your Glitterlites paint.


Before you begin do make sure to mix the Glitterlites paint so the glitter is evenly distributed. The heavier glitter can sink to the bottom, so this will help you get even coverage.

For maximum color saturation do apply Glitterlites over a similar hue of Angelus Paints

Do mix different Glitterlites paints to create your own custom colors. Adding black Glitterlites can help you add dimension, while adding white can add a frosty feel.

Do add Angelus 2-Thin if you're looking to thin out the coverage.


You don't need to apply a finisher on top of Glitterlites paint. A finisher will dull the shine, Glitterlites paint won't flake so a finisher isn't necessary.

Don't try to use Glitterlites paint with an airbrush. The larger pieces of glitter in Glitterlites paint make it too thick for an airbrush. A standard brush is the best way to apply it.

You can mix Glitterlites with paint, but it's not recommended as it will cover up some of the shine. We recommend applying Glitterlites over an already painted surface so the glitter can shine through.

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