Happy Halloween! DIY Zombie Air Force 1s

Happy Halloween! DIY Zombie Air Force 1s

You might have to skip the Halloween party this year, but you can still put together a great costume to celebrate the holiday.

To help you create a unique custom costume, Vic (@cestlavic) created a tutorial on how to create a pair of zombified Air Force 1 Mids. Check them out below alongside a few of our other favorite Halloween customs.

Zombie Air Force 1 Mid

@cestlavic designed and painted these custom zombie-themed AF1 mids, featuring a variety of undead details, from severed eyeballs to brains and more.

If you want to recreate these Halloween customs, check out the tutorial to learn how to prep your shoes, sketch and paint your design, and dye soles without damaging them.

Scream Custom AF1

(source: @custom_shoes_chile)

Scream is returning for a fifth installment, making it a great time to highlight these Nike Court x Scream customs.

The customs, created by @custom_shoes_chile, feature a split black and red colorway, a custom sketch effect, and a portrait of the iconic killer.

Halloween Yeezy

(source: @bbizon)

Who's your favorite horror villain?

Sponsored artist @bbizon designed these spooky Yeezys, featuring a lineup of some of the most recognizable Halloween characters of all time, including Jason, Freddy, Michael Myers, and more -- all on top of a clean red and white color scheme.

Jason AF1

(source: @canvasco.shop)

Jason Voorhees is returning this Halloween through these custom Air Force 1s, designed by artist @canvasco.shop.

Jason, wearing his trademark hockey goalie mask, is featured on the upper holding the Nike Swoosh, which has been turned into his bloody weapon of choice.

Halloween Vans Collection

(source: @lucha_loafers)

Sponsored @lucha_loafers painted a small collection of horror-themed customs perfect for any custom Halloween costume.

The first pair features portraits of Chucky and his bride painted over a bloody background, while the second features a collection of classic Halloween killer, from Hellraiser to Jason.

Did you create your own Halloween customs? Share them with us on Instagram!