Have You Tried Our Pearlescent Paints Yet?

At Angelus, we're always trying to push the boundaries with our products. When we saw that there wasn't a quality pearlescent acrylic leather paint on the market for custom sneaker work, we wanted to make it. So after tooling around in the "lab," we found the perfect formula for a pearlescent paint made with the same quality and standard as all of the other Angelus Brand paints.

Pearlescent, for the uninitiated, is named after the color changing effect (or iridescence) that results from light hitting surface. Of course, the color itself isn't actually changing, but an optical illusion. The best way to explain this is that light waves are interfering with each other, so depending on the angle you're looking at an object, the color will change.

(Source: CarScoops)

It's likely you've encountered something that's iridescent before. Most commonly the effect is seen on soap bubbles and oil spills. This might not exactly be your inspiration for a custom project, so the other, more well known influence is the pearl, hence the name pearlescent paints.

(Source: @prolificcustoms)

Typically, people use pearlescent paints on cars, but with our new collection, you can create the same effect on your sneakers. 

(Source: @edostar44)