Highlighting Some of December's Best Customs

Highlighting Some of December's Best Customs

December has been a great month for customs. From sponsored artists and fans of our products, we've seen an incredible amount of original customs that deserve to be seen. Check out this list of some of our favorite customs from the last month of the year.

Wavy Waverunners

(source: @danielcordas)

The Yeezy Wave Runners had mixed opinions when they came out, but I can't see anybody not messing with these. Credit for the incredible design on these customs goes to our sponsored artist @danielcordas. Grab some white, blue, and light blue paint if you want to give this design a shot.

Teal 11s

(source: @kattycustoms)

Sometimes the best customs are the simplest. Sponsored artist @kattycustoms always brings the brightest colors to her designs and these 11s are no different. The turquoise and white colorway is one of the cleanest we've seen.

Watercolor 11s

(source: @wallychamp15)

It's always great to see a unique design and these customs by sponsored artist @wallychamp15 definitely fit the bill. This artist uses a variety of our high-quality paints to create a gradient watercolor effect on these all-white 11s.

Woodgrain AF1s

(source: @kingdom_made)

Next up is sponsored artist @kingdom_made with one of the most original designs we've seen in a minute. This artist took some classic AF1s and transformed them with a colorway made up of gold, wood grain, and a checkerboard pattern topped off with a yellow lace swap.

Rugrats PG 13s

(source: @sierato)

If this pair of customs doesn't show you what can be accomplished with our paints then nothing will. Sponsored artist @sierato designed and painted an incredibly detailed depiction of this classic cartoon on a pair of PG 13s. Grab a 12 color assortment kit and see what you can accomplish.

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