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#HomeWithAngelus - 5 Great Customizing Tips to Try Out in Quarantine

Apr 8, 2020 · Angelus Direct · Angelus Paint · Angelus Paints · Artists · blog · custom · customs · DIY · instagram · paint · Sponsored Artists · tutorial · videos

While we all have a lot of extra free time on our hands, now might be a good time to practice some new tips and tricks that can help you take your customs to the next level.

Below are five great tips and tricks shared by some incredibly talented artists to help you learn how to make your own high-quality customs.

Tip #1: Use 2-Soft to Paint Canvas

Our first tip, from @sneakerqueenscustoms, is for those who aren't sure whether or not it's safe to use Angelus paints on soft fabrics like canvas or mesh.

Angelus 2-Soft is a fabric medium that you can mix with paint to ensure that your canvas shoes remain soft and flexible after you customize them. Without 2-Soft, the paint will cause the shoe to stiffen up, which can lead to chipping and cracking.

To use 2-Soft, mix it with Angelus Acrylic Paints in a 1:1 ratio, apply multiple layers, let the paint dry, and heat-set using a heat gun at 300º F for 3-5 minutes.

Tip #2: Prepare Cleats

Angelus Leather Preparer & Deglazer. Used to prepare the surface before painting.

For those interested in creating customs cleats, sponsored artist @truebluecustoms has a tip to help you prepare them correctly before you start painting.

Like any other shoe, start by using Leather Preparer and Deglazer to get rid of the shoe's factory finish. Then, use 400-grit sandpaper to completely rid the surface of any contaminants and synthetic materials.

Once done, you can tape up your cleats and start painting.

Tip #3: Deal With Overspray

Detail Knife

(source: @parksart)

Next, @parksart shows us how to easily deal with unwanted paint using a detail knife.

If you notice overspray on your outsoles after airbrushing, use a detail knife to carefully scrape away the unwanted paint and create a clean line.

Detail knives can be used for several other purposes as well, such as cutting off stray bristles from a worn-out brush.

Tip #4: Watercolors


(source: @bre_yeahthatsme)

Another great way to paint canvas shoes is to use watercolors, as @bre_yeahthatsme shows us with this next customizing tip. This is particularly helpful if you don't have any 2-Soft at hand.

To get this effect, simply mix a small amount of Angelus paint with water until the mixture is fairly thin, then paint the shoe. After applying the first layer of paint, add more water to the mixture to make it thinner, and add another coat.

Repeat this until the shoe is covered and you get the desired watercolor effect.

Tip #5: Painting Fine Lines

Paint fine lines

(source: @dejesuscustomfootwear)

Detail brushes are great for painting fine details, but sometimes you need something even more precise.

For painting extremely fine lines and details, sponsored artist @dejesuscustomfootwear uses a toothpick (yes, a toothpick). Experiment with this tip yourself to see how you can use a toothpick to create detailed designs.

If you found these helpful, make sure to follow Angelus on Instagram for more tips and tricks, and if you have a tip or trick you want to share, please tag us and use #HomeWithAngelus for a possible feature.

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