How to Use Angelus Finishers

How to Use Angelus Finishers

Here at Angelus, we get asked a lot about the difference between our finishers and how they can be used to create the perfect matte finish.

To help show you how it's done, @jsm_801_customs stopped by the Angelus studio to break down each of our finishers and explain why some may have such a difficult time getting that proper matte look.

To go a step further, we allowed him to work his magic on a pair of Air Jordan 1 Fearless. He had no problem giving the glossy patent leather a new flat finish.

Keep reading to learn how to use our finishers, and make sure to check out the full tutorial to see how you can use them to create your own pair of customs!

Angelus Matte Finisher

People often have a hard time getting that perfect matte finish which is often due to the finisher not being mixed properly before use.

To get around this, shake the bottle of Angelus Matte Finisher very well and flip it over to check for separation before you use it on your customs.

After you mix the solution, use an airbrush to apply an even coat, then use a heat gun to set the finisher.

Angelus High Gloss Finisher

If you want a shinier, glossy finish instead, you're going to want to use our High Gloss Acrylic Finisher.

Unlike the Matte Finisher, this product can be easily applied with a brush, so don't worry if you don't have an airbrush. You also won't need a heat gun for the High Gloss Finisher (of course, you can still use one if you want to move on more quickly).

The High Gloss Finisher is great for shoes with patent leather, like Jordan 11s.

Satin Finisher

Our Satin Finisher leaves a sheen that you'll find in a lot of factory finishes. It is glossy, but much less so than our High Gloss Finisher (make sure to check out the video tutorial for a comparison).

Like the High Gloss Finisher, this Satin Finisher can be applied with a brush and set quickly with a heat gun.

600 Finisher

The last finisher is our No. 600 Acrylic Finisher. This one is essentially a step down from the High Gloss Finisher -- meaning, it will leave a little bit of a shine.

Use a brush to carefully apply an even coat before using a heat gun to set the finisher.

Once applied, these finishers can help improve the appearance of your customs while protecting them from minor chips and scrapes.

So You Want a Matte Finish? | Custom Matte Air Jordan 1 Fearless | Angelus

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