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June Custom Spotlight

Jun 8, 2023

From sneakers to watch cases, we have been seeing no shortage of impressive customs over the past month that were made with Angelus products. Some of the featured customs are based off popular culture, others feature furry friends, and others pay homage to famous artists while visualizing a completely made up scene… and we love the variety. Use these designs to get inspired and bring your alall new ideas to life with Angelus Paints.


Miles Morales Jordan 1’s by 3:16 Custom Footwear @316customfootwear


Miles Morales Jordan 1’s by 3:16 Custom Footwear @316customfootwear

With the latest Spiderman movie having released at the beginning of this month, we have been seeing custom shoes with this theme pop up for the past couple of weeks. Here is one of our favorite Spiderman Customs that we’ve come across. Custom Painted by @316customfootwear, these shoes incorporate more than a few different visual references to the movies. These include, a graffiti swoosh, a “Ben Dots dots” style swoosh, the “Leap of Faith” scene from the first movie, comic book style text and textures, and so much more. View more pics on their page here!


Futuristic Space Scene Louis Vuitton Watch Case by Esther @liangarchive


Futuristic Space Scene Louis Vuitton Watch Case by Esther @liangarchive

Stunning craftsmanship on this futurist space scene that requires more than a quick look to take in, spanning across 4 sides of this designer Louis Vuitton watch case. The main attraction of this art piece has to be the large spaceship which flaunts a chrome style inspired by the art and techniques of the famous artist Sorayama. Not only does Esther execute this chrome styling perfectly, they also seamlessly added a subtle LV logo to the rocket ship nose. The bag also features a second ship, colorful planets, moons, and plenty of vibrant colors to create a space background that blends the design right into the bag.


   Overlord Coach Bag by @customsbyshelly


Overlord Coach Bag by @customsbyshelly

I think it’s safe to say that most people who see this bag won’t even realize that it is custom painted at first glance, that’s how clean and factory this hand painted design is. Covering the entire front panels of this backpack, this is no small painting. Featuring 2 of the main characters, this artwork will instantly capture the attention of those who have seen the popular anime “Overlord”. With bold and crisp linework, perfect color selection and mixing, and even smooth gradients and effects in the glowing eyes and blushing cheeks. Shelly shows she has a handle on all of the techniques needed to create pristine art.


Custom Cat Vans by Jaynevie  @evie.artdiary


Custom Cat Vans by Jaynevie  @evie.artdiary

These one of a kind Vans feature the artist's cats (Kaloud and Coal) on the left shoe, and her friends cat (Chief) on the right shoe. The comic book style art is impossible not to love, and the hand painted art is applied to the shoes perfectly, making them appear almost as if they came right out of the Vans factory like this (though we promise they didn’t). Jaynevie made sure to work in some “easter eggs” into these shoes, such as the word “MOW” being in a speech bubble instead of “MEOW”. This is because her cat Coal can’t produce the “meow” sound, just “mow”. Check out her profile to learn more about the making of the sneakers and what went into the design!


Check out Angelus Direct to find everything you need to create your own one-of-a-kind pieces, from custom sneakers to purses. To see more customs like these make sure to follow Angelus on Instagram and be sure to tag us in your own custom creations.

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