Logo Love

Logo Love

What makes a luxury bag by Louis Vuitton or MCM identifiable? That timeless LV or MCM logo. What makes a luxury bag a one of a kind piece? A custom design no one else has seen. We've seen a few custom bags lately that mash up the classic look of a designer logo with everything from influences in the art world to racing. Check them out to get inspiration for your own projects.

KAWS Louis Vuitton Messager

(source: @modedehr)

For this Louis Vuitton messenger bag @modedehr has created a mash up of Vuitton, the work of the artist KAWS and Dior. This take on the cartoonish KAWS characters comes in blue, white and light green, to add color and style to this bag.

Scrooge Supreme Vuitton Money Bag

(source: @gorgworld)

Another luxury mash up with a touch of cartoon comes from @gorgworld. This time the LV logo is given the Scrooge McDuck treatment, complete with a Supreme Money Gun in that classic Supreme red. The LV logo is repeated across the bottom in yellow and violet, making this cash covered bag the perfect money bag.

MCM Racing Backpack

(source: @guardiff)

Not one to be left out of the game, @guardiff gives this backpack by MCM a one of a kind look. Race around with this car themed bag, complete with a red and orange race car speeding over the MCM logo.

For more one of a kind designs follow Angelus Styles on Instagram.