Must Have Cleaning & Restoration Products

Must Have Cleaning & Restoration Products

In the world of sneaker customization and leather care, Angelus has long been a beacon of excellence. From its inception, Angelus has grown into a brand synonymous with top-tier quality and innovative solutions. If you're looking to breathe new life into your beloved sneakers and leather items, this blog post is your guide to the must-have Angelus cleaning and restoration products. Whether you're a sneaker enthusiast, a leather connoisseur, or someone who values impeccable maintenance, these products deserve a prime spot in your collection.



Our most popular cleaner in kit form, the Angelus Easy Cleaner Kit is an indispensable tool. Complete with the Premium Shoe Cleaner, a cleaning brush, and a microfiber towel, this kit provides everything you need to tackle more intensive cleaning tasks. Whether you’re cleaning sneakers, boots, bags, upholstery, and pretty much anything else, the Easy Cleaner Kit is your trusted companion.

 Angelus Easy Cleaner Kit cleaning shoe


Sometimes, your sneakers or leather accessories need more than just cleaning – they need touch-ups, or even a whole new paint job. Angelus Leather Paint offers a spectrum of vibrant colors that allow you to customize and revitalize your footwear and leather items. From restoring faded leather to adding unique designs, this paint is flexible, versatile, durable, and perfect for expressing your personal style.

 Angelus Paints being Used on a Shoe


Yellowed soles can instantly diminish the appeal of even the most stylish sneakers. Enter Angelus Sole Bright – a specially formulated solution designed to combat yellowing and restore the vibrant whiteness of your sneaker soles. Whether you're working with icy clear soles or classic rubber ones, Sole Bright can breathe new life into your kicks.

 Angelus Sole Bright Before and After


When it comes to rejuvenating faded or scuffed leather and suede, Angelus Dye is a game-changer. This dye penetrates deep into the leathers, restoring its original color and luster. Whether you're working on a vintage leather jacket, a beloved handbag, or even furniture, this dye can make your items look brand new again.

Angelus Black Leather Dye 


Leather requires nourishment to stay supple and resist cracking over time. Angelus Mink Oil is a conditioner that provides essential moisture to your leather items, preventing them from drying out and losing their natural beauty. Regular application of Mink Oil can extend the lifespan of your leather goods and keep them looking luxurious.

 Angelus Mink Oil on shoe


Angelus stands as a testament to the fusion of innovation and tradition in sneaker customization and leather care. The essential cleaning and restoration products showcased here exemplify Angelus's commitment to elevating your restoration game. Whether you're looking to restore cherished sneakers or breathe new life into worn leather items, these Angelus products offer unparalleled quality and transformative results. Embrace the art of restoration and customization with Angelus, and watch as your sneakers and leather pieces undergo a remarkable revival.