Typically, Week 13 in the NFL means the Regular Season is starting to wrap up. But this season, Week 13 is all about custom cleats because of the #MyCauseMyCleats campaign. Throughout the week, hundreds of players will be wearing custom cleats throughout the week’s games. Seeing as how custom cleats are becoming a topic of controversial for owners, players, and commissioners alike, a few hundred players wearing customs seems like it would be a headache. But the other unique thing going on is that this campaign is fully backed by the NFL higher ups because it raises awareness.

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If you keep up with NFL, you know custom cleats are usually not in line with typical uniform regulation practices. The cool thing is that the players wearing custom cleats to show their commitment and dedication to various causes that they feel strongly about. Many of these clauses are associated with charitable organizations that could use some love. While, it’s not entirely clear if players or teams will be donating money to their chosen causes, it’s still a big win bringing awareness to the field.

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For customizers, this was also a big win too. For the handful of lucky sneaker customizers chosen to work on this project, this meant using their work to raise awareness. While plenty of customizers were tapped for this campaign, we’re pretty proud of our sponsored artists for participating, even if some of them have had their work out on the gridiron before (hint: most of them have).

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Longtime Angelus Direct sponsored artist DeJesus Custom Footwear Inc. did these Play 4 Keeps customs for Detroit Lions’ tight end Eric Ebron.

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One of our most recent sponsors _theheymann_ did made these customs Stephon Gilmore, cornerback for the Buffalo Bills. They were made to raise awareness for Alzheimer's.

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Dez Customs did these New York First Responder custom cleats for Nick Mangold of the @nyjets.

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Our dude Billy who runs True Blue Customs has been doing cleats for awhile, so it’s pretty clear why Tyler Eifert of the Cincinnati Bengals picked him to do these incredible @warriorwishes cleats to raise awareness for veterans.

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We can’t forget Dan Gamache, better known as Mache Custom Kicks. Mache is no stranger to creating custom cleats, and might have done the most customs for this campaign.

(Source: @mache275)

Keep an eye out for these cleats throughout the week. Did you make a pair? Tag us at #angelusdirect #MyCauseMyCleats.