Cleaning shoes with Angelus Direct Easy Cleaner Kit

Angelus New Year's Shoe Cleaning Guide

It’s no secret that New Year's parties can get pretty crazy. Whether at a house, bar, or club, there’s a really good chance that your shoes didn’t make it through the night without being stepped on, having a drink spilled on them, or worse. Lucky for you, Angelus Cleaners are designed to remove dirt, grime, and scuffs from your kicks with minimal effort – perfect for all of you party animals out there.


Angelus Direct offers several types of cleaners that will make taking care of your footwear easier than ever. Whether you want to spruce up your canvas kicks or protect those leather loafers from dirtying - we've got all kinds of cleaners for any type of footwear. Check out our helpful guide and find out which cleaner best suits you - making shoe care more effortless than ever!


1. Angelus Easy Cleaner KitOur tried and true cleaner that can safely clean all surfaces, including leather, suede, nubuck, rubber, and plastic. This tough cleaner paired with the Angleus Cleaning brush and microfiber towel that the kit comes with are an unstoppable combination. You can’t go wrong with a classic cleaner that has been a customer favorite for years!

    Angelus Easy Cleaner Kit for cleaning shoes 

    2. Angelus Foam-Tex Cleaning KitAre your sneakers looking less-than fresh? Need to clean your shoes but you’re busy and on-the-go? We’ve got the answer! Angelus Foam-Tex Gentle Foaming Cleaner - no bowls, no water, just a super simple three step process and you're done. Pumping directly onto sneaker surface, scrubbing to get rid of dirt & grime, and finally wiping dry for an amazing finish; this cleaning kit is ideal for any shoe lover who needs their kicks fresh quickly, on-the-go, and with minimal effort. Simply Pump, Scrub, & Dry! No more unnecessary steps and no more wasted product.

      Cleaning a shoe with Angelus Foam-Tex Cleaning Kit

      3. Angelus All Purpose CleanerStruggling to get your shoes looking like new? Our All Purpose Foam Cleaner is here to help! An Angelus Direct favorite, and our strongest cleaner in the lineup, this foaming cleaner gets rid of dirt and grime on athletic or hiking shoes in no time. Just give your kicks a blast with the foam, wait a few seconds for it work its magic, scrub with the built in scrubber on the cap, and then wipe the filth away - super clean sneakers ready for action! Perfect for leather shoes and rubber soles. (Be careful as this cleaner is so strong that it may lift some color off of suede materials.)

      Using Angelus All Purpose Foam Cleaner on leather shoes

      4. Angelus Nubuck & Suede KitDesigned specifically for suede, this cleaner helps restore the original color while removing dirt and grime without scrubbing or water damage. Rejuvenate those favorite suede and nubuck pieces in minutes with the Angelus Nubuck & Suede Set! The cleaning power of a brush and eraser will remove most soil, spots, and scuffs so your articles look just as good as new. Easy to use and no harsh chemicals needed here for restoring color or texture - now you can keep your nubuck & suede shoes and boots looking their best every day!

        Angelus Nubuck & Suede Kit

        5. Angelus Shoe Shine Travel KitGot too crazy and scuffed your leather shoes or boots? No problem. Keep your favorite leather kicks looking as good as new with our easy-to-use wax kit, and yes it’s travel friendly! Everything you need for a great shine is included, from the Angelus Black Shoe Wax Polish and Lustre Cream to an applicator brush made of 100% horse hair. You'll also get one 5" Shine Brush for cleaning and buffing, as well as one Professional Buffing Cloth. No matter what kind of boots or dress shoes you have, they can look their best 24/7, even while on the go since it all comes in handy resealable bag perfect for keeping everything organized when not in use. Ready to be dapper wherever life takes you? Get shining today!

          Angelus Shoe Shine Travel Kit and leather shoes

          No matter what type of shoe you have, Angelus Direct Cleaners are a must-have for keeping your shoes as fresh as possible. Our high-quality cleaners are sure to keep your footwear looking its best for years to come!