NFL Customs or Sunday Night Football

NFL Customs or Sunday Night Football

Sunday Night Football is finally back, so now is the perfect time to show off some clean NFL customs for the new season.

Check out these customs below to see how you can rep your favorite NFL team.

Patriots Vans
(source:  @lucha_loafers)

Of course, the Patriots wound up getting Antonio Brown. Do you think they'll be able to run it back with AB?

These custom Vans, by sponsored artist @lucha_loafers, feature incredibly detailed portraits from the NFL legends Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

Grab some blue and red paint to get started on your own Patriots customs.

Bears Jordan 1s
(source:  @astrotorfcustoms)

Bears opened up the season with a loss to the Packers, but they're still on track to have a great season.

If you want to rep the Bears this season, take inspiration from these custom Jordan 1s by sponsored artist @astrotorfcustoms. These 1s feature the classic Bears color scheme with the detailed logo over the iconic Nike Swoosh.

Detroit Lions Cleats
(source: @dejesuscustomfootwear)

Sponsored artist @dejesuscustomfootwear has been working with players from the Detroit Lions for a while now to create clean custom cleats to wear on the field.

Here are a couple of the great customs he's created for the Detroit Lions, featuring the team's iconic color scheme.

Grab some blue and white paint to get started on your own custom pair.

Packers Jordan 11
(source: @noelitoo_)

The Packers have one of the most die-hard fanbases in any sport, so it's only right that Packers fans get some clean customs to rep their favorite team.

Check out these custom Jordans, featuring the classic green and yellow colorway, by sponsored artist  @noelitoo_ for some inspiration. 

Steelers Jordans
(source: @astrotorfcustoms)

Last up is the Steelers, who are playing the Patriots for their first Sunday Night Football.

These custom Jordan 11s, featuring the legendary Steelers colorway and logo, were designed by sponsored artist  @astrotorfcustoms. If you want to create your own Steelers customs, pick up some yellow and black paint to get things going.

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