On the Money

On the Money

From sneakers to bags, there are all sorts of leather items and accessories you can customize. Wallets are great accessory to personalize and their size and shape make them quick and easy projects. Transform a logo covered luxury wallet to make it your own or create a one of a kind piece with a wallet at any price point, it's all about what you do with it.

(source: @fatamiii_87)

Bambi and Thumper add a sweet touch to this Goyard card case in white and grey. @fatamiii_87 hand-painted each character in grey and tan with pink accents to recreate that classic look of early Disney animation. Careful placement of the characters allows you to see the Goyard logo, while also adding a unique touch.

(source: @boyarde)

Cleans lines and an expertly executed gradient make the red initials on this wallet by @boyarde stand out. The tennis theme further personalizes this otherwise simple black wallet with a racket and that classic tennis ball yellow. This custom proves you don't need a designer wallet to create a polished, personalized piece. 

(source: @snowsheepart)

Few logos have the brand recognition that Louis Vuttion does and this custom wallet plays off that timeless logo with the addition an NFT inspired design. @snowsheepart added a hand-painted design in peach and turquoise influenced by the @hasbulla.hushetskiy NFT collection.

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