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Paint and Prints

Jun 15, 2018 · Angelus 2-Soft · Angelus Paints · block printing · crafting · stamps

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There are a variety of ways you can add patterns with paint. Adding a print to fabric, paper or even walls is an easy way to create a unique look. Pattern rollers have long been used to create the look of wallpaper on walls. Stamps, whether they are store bought or you make your own, are another way to create a custom design. Hand painting also gives you the freedom to create anything you want.

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When adding a pattern to fabric with a paint roller or stamps add 2-Soft Fabric Medium to the paint you're using. A fabric paint additive will keep the printed fabric from loosing it's flexibility and softness once the paint is applied. Block printing is an easy way to add print to fabrics that has been done for many years. You can then use the fabric to create anything you like, from table cloths, curtains or clothes.

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Existing clothes an also be given a new look with block printing by adding new patterns and colors. Make old clothes seem like new or turn new clothes a one of a kind piece.

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Paper is another easy and fun way to experiment with patterns. Craft paper is easy to find and makes great, inexpensive wrapping paper. By stamping or using paint rollers you can give any gift a personal touch.


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When it comes to bringing pattern into your home nothing makes more of a statement than wallpaper. The problem with wallpaper is that it can be expensive, hard to hang and comes in limited colors. Paint rollers give you the same effect, with none of the draw backs. All you have to do is find a pattern you like, a space you want to use it in and the color of your choice.

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