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Rosé Sneakers

Jul 21, 2016

When the phrase ‘rose gold’ is thrown around, it’s usually in reference to jewelry. Rose gold is the subtler version of your classic gold that’s not as audacious platinum. It lands somewhere between something a teenagers bedroom, a washed out tumblr page, a glass of rosé, a bracelet Drake would wear, and… a pair of Jordan's?

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In terms of clothing and footwear, rose gold is not as audacious as gold but not as loud or potentially tacky as hot pink. Instead this color walks a fine line in-between the two worlds—it’s kind of like the something for everyone shade.

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Rose gold, or more perhaps more broadly, pale pink, is the ‘it’ color of the moment. This isn’t a new color of course, rose gold jewelry first came to popularity in Russia about 200 years ago. But right now, the pale pink/maybe it’s salmon/maybe it’s copper/maybe it’s rose gold color hue is popping up in almost every form of retail—from rings, to shoes, to clothes, to iPhones. It should be noted, that the color gods at Pantone declared Rose Quartz ‘Color of the Year;’ it’s not quite ‘rose gold’ per say, but it’s for the undiscerning eye, it’s very similar.

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In the world of jewelry, rose gold has gone in and out of popularity. Some years standard gold, always the classic, is in. Other years, gold is gaudy and the more chilly platinum is king. Then some years, in between the gold/platinum cycle, rose gold because the hot shade for your pinky ring. Now rose gold hasn’t just made its stamp on jewelry, the tech world hopped on to this as well.

It’s not entirely clear if the recent boom in rose gold’s popularity was kicked off by the Apple iPhone 5S, or if Apple’s product marketing was simply a symptom of the times. But with Apple’s ‘it’s not pink’ drop, more companies, tech-based and others, followed suit. Now ‘rose gold’ and other hues of light pink can be found everywhere.

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It wouldn’t be entirely true to say pink sneakers are a new trend in men’s footwear. Pink itself has been a staple in the discerning Dipset historians wardrobe since Cam’ron showed up with the all pink fit. But one could argue that Cam’ron’s hue was more of a neon pink specifically than ‘rose gold.’

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Light pink/rose gold certainly hasn’t been a stranger to women’s footwear, but the men’s sneaker world is following Apple’s lead with the rose gold hue (or colors close to it). Earlier in the year, adidas dropped a Raf Simons collaboration that was perfectly unisex.

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Since we’ve only hit the halfway point in Summer ‘16, there’s still plenty of time to get your own rose gold (haters will say it’s pink) custom sneakers. Pick up a bottle of Angelus Petal Pink Paint and get to work. Be sure to drop an #angelusdirect on your customs so we can see them.

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