Shoe Brushes: The Sneaker Cleaning Secret Weapon

Keeping your sneakers clean can be a nightmare if you don't have the right materials. In recent years, there are more and more options for shoe cleaners, so you don't have to hit your favorite sneakers with a dish soap and a toothbrush.

While you always want to start with a high quality cleaning solution, there are a couple other necessities that will keep your shoes looking crisp. For one, a towel is always good to have on hand. Typically microfiber is going to be best to not leave lint on your sneakers after you wipe them down.But the really secret weapon when it comes to sneaker cleaning is the shoe brush.

A brush has been vital to keep footwear crisp for hundreds of years now. Of course, the brushes being used by shoeshines in the 19th century look a little a different than what we have nowadays, the premise is basically the same.

Like shoe-shining, cleaning your sneakers requires an even distribution. Basically, this means you don't want to soak one part of your sneakers without spreading the solution out. A premium Angelus Shoe Brush does just that, and the higher quality the brush, the better the cleaning job. And when you have brush options, even better.

Angelus has been in the shoe cleaning game for a while... and by a while we mean since 1907. So you can trust us on shoe brushes.