SolesBySir x Angelus Direct

SolesBySir x Angelus Direct

At Angelus Direct, we’re honored to know our acrylic leather paints turn sneakers, cleats, and designer handbags amongst other things into incredible one-of-a-kind products. That’s why we sponsor some of the greatest custom artists who take their work to the next level time and again. So we’re pleased to announce one of the best in the game, SolesBySir, is sponsored by Angelus Direct!

@SolesBySir with @reignready53 and the 1-of-1 Super Bowl cleats he made!

Marcus Rivero, known as a SolesBySir to the custom community is by and far one of the busiest custom artists. If you keep up with football or baseball in any capacity, you’ve probably seen a pair of his custom 1-of-1 cleats out on the field. “I got into cleats by accident,” Marcus says, but since then, he has absolutely crushed it.

Not only has he created customs for NFL’s superstars and up-and-coming college athletes, he’s laced out entire teams like he did for the Miami Hurricanes in collaboration with adidas Football.

A little backstory on Marcus’ insane career trajectory—he first created a pair of custom sneakers for an NFL player, and the client was so floored, he wanted custom game day cleats as well. Marcus was hesitant at first, but the player’s persistence paid off and Marcus made him a pair of custom cleats as well. The cleats got a lot of attention and the rest is history. From the gridiron to the baseball diamond, SolesBySir has made his mark.

So if you need inspiration, check out some of the crazy projects Marcus has worked on. One of the latest being with Hyundai and NFL Draft where he designed car wraps and cleats to match for four of the top 20 draft picks! There’s no stopping SolesBySir and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

All images courtesy of @SolesBySir