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Summer Custom Inspiration

Jun 21, 2023

Summertime is all about having fun, getting creative, and expressing yourself. With the warm days lasting late into the night, why not add some new custom sneakers or accessories to show off your personality? We know that sometimes the first steps such as getting ideas can be the biggest roadblock to getting started, so we’ve curated some “summer vibes” art pieces that we love to help you get inspired this season.

Hawaiian AF1s by @shoesbyjar

Hawaiian AF1s by @shoesbyjar

A picturesque day in Hawaii is almost the definition of what people dream their summers to look like. Jar took this island vibe and perfectly portrayed it on this pair of custom Air Force 1’s. Featuring palm leaves and floral print around the shoe, with the toe box showing off the sunny blue skies that flow over from the side panels. On the outer sides you can find a surfer (right shoe) and a hula girl playing the ukulele (left shoe). In addition, custom tiki tongue tags, pineapple heel tags, and green rope Lace Lab Laces complete this one of a kind shoe that is perfect for the summer season.

Stitch/“Up’s Kevin” and floral Vans by @thewickedenchantment

Stitch/“Up’s Kevin” and Floral Vans by @thewickedenchantment

Vibrant and colorful flora overlay the front panel and heel tab, with a smooth blue gradient along the sides. Of course, we can’t forget the characters across the front panel who have stolen our hearts, Stitch and Kevin from “Up”. Vans are a classic summertime footwear choice, and The Wicked Enchantment certainly took it to another level with these custom kicks that instantly put you in a good mood when looking at them.  

Custom Mini Fridge by @kingdom_made

Custom Mini Fridge by @kingdom_made

Summer is hot, which means you’re gonna need a way to keep those drinks cold and stay refreshed. Lucky for us, Frank Anthony created probably the best looking solution to this possible. “Unrepressed” is one of his self proclaimed “most tedious pieces to date”. That being said, we think it was worth all of the time it took. Utilizing his signature calling cards, wood grain, a checkered pattern, and sunflowers, this custom mini fridge screams Kingdom Made.


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