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Valentine's Day in the Bag

Thinking customs for Valentine's Day? Purses are the perfect choice, especially one designed to celebrate someone or something you love. Make it Valentine's themed by sticking with a classic red color palette or choose a heart shaped bag your loved one will love.

(source: @boyarde)

A Birkin dedicated to the original rom-com queen? Yes please. This custom by sponsored artist @boyarde celebrates two classics in one custom with both the timeless Hermès Birkin and Audrey Hepburn. The black and white color palette on this portrait help it pop on the red background of this bag.

(source: @thepaintingparent)

For a custom an anime lover would appreciate check out this Princess Mononoke heart shaped handbag. @thepaintingparent did a great job of creating a super clean custom in Chili Red and white. Green foliage around around the edge nicely frames this custom.

(source: @artzy_junkie)

For a slightly different take on Valentine's Day check out this cute and a little creepy custom by @artzy_junkie. This custom heart shaped bag is sure to give your Valentine's Day a little edge, with a touch of Chucky and ghoulish red splatters.

To see more customs like these, make sure to follow Angelus on Instagram and tag us in your own custom creations.

Art Inspired Customs

Customizers can turn any bag into fine art. These customizers take it one step further with pieces inspired by artists. Whether it's Frida Kahlo's flowers or Art Deco elegance, here are some of the latest customs to find inspiration in the world of art.

(source: @boyarde)

Sponsored artist @boyarde takes inspiration from Frida Kahlo with this custom Hermès Kelly. The flowers and vibrant reds, yellows and purples are taken from Kahlo's work.

(source: @hey.customs)

@hey.customs takes it back to the basics with an anatomy drawing inspired Coach wallet in mint and black. A mint background helps this expertly painted skull study stand out, showing off every last detail on this black card holder.

(source: @maisongris_)

Another Hermès Kelly gets the custom treatment from @maisongris_. This time it's the Art Deco style of Tamara de Lempicka, with all it's elegance and linear design. Vivid green and red give a pop of color to this otherwise monochrome bag.


While purses and wallets can make interesting canvases, there's nothing like an actual canvas for large scale pieces of art. This original piece by transforms a five foot canvas into a vibrant, multicolored elephant in greens and blues. The red and yellow sunset make the perfect backdrop for this piece of art.

Find more inspiration for your own customs at Angelus Styles on Instragram.

Bag it Up!

The right luxury handbag can be everything from an investment piece to a statement piece. Customized designer handbags can take an already hard to find bag and make it even more unique. Whether it's the latest from Gucci or an Hermes classic, here are the latest customized handbags to inspire your own. 

(source: @customsneakersvet)

If Harry Styles is seen carrying a Gucci bag, you know it's in demand. @customsneakersvet has taken the double G logo and added a cherry blossom theme in pinks and whites. Complimenting the pale pink bag, this design highlights and doesn't hide the Gucci branding.

(source: @artobsessionbyanz)

Nothing says high end luxury like a hard to get Birkin bag. @artobsessionbyanz has put a Pokemon spin on this classic orange Hermes bag by covering it in all your favorite characters. Oranges match this already orange bag, while contrasting blues make sure the design stands out.

(source: @boyarde)

This Bonfire Night Louis Vuitton custom by sponsored artist @boyarde ⁠brings the pop art graphics. Primary colors like red and yellow make sure this design packs a punch, somethings that's hard to do when you're competing with one of the most recognizable luxury logos around.

Find more inspiration for your own customs at Angelus Styles on Instragram.

It's Not What's in the Bag, But on the Bag

Designer bags are getting the custom treatment to make them even more special. With brands like Hermes and Birkin, customizers are taking these high end bags and turning them into wearable art that you can be sure no one else will have. Here are some of the latest custom designer handbags.

(source: @chwistlywood)

The Birkin is the holy grail of handbags. The ultimate status bag is given a whimsical, one of a kind design by @chwistlywood. The design features an antique pocket watch with a teal watch face, flowering strawberries and a delicate butterfly.

(source: @chwistlywood)

Few logos are as recognizable as the Louis Vuitton LV. @chwistlywood uses the LV logo as a backdrop for her simple and stylish butterfly backpack design in shades ranging from purple to gold. She even uses the gold to embellish the LV logo.

(source: @thedarkhousesociety)

@thedarkhousesociety takes a different approach by covering the front of this Coach purse with a colorful ocean sunset. A crashing wave and dolphins in Gift Box Blue, Sapphire and Dark Blue create a dramatic look.

(source: @morganannart)

And of course you need a wallet to store your cash. Why not a chic Mr. Burns themed Goyard wallet in yellow, blue and, of course, lots of green, like this one by @morganannart

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