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Sponsored Artist @Sierato Hooks Duke Up with Customs for March Madness

March Madness: One of the most hyped sporting events of the year. If that wasn't enough, Duke's rabid fan base combined with the Zion and R.J. Barrett hype has brought things to a new level this year.
With all eyes on Duke's young team, it's only fitting that they stand out even more by wearing custom made shoes while they battle their way through the tournament.
Sponsored artist @sierato made sure to hook up Duke's young starts with some clean customs for this year's March Madness.
(source: @sierato)
Zion Williamson is easily one of the most hyped NBA prospects in years -- for good reason. He's one of the most naturally gifted athletes in the nation.
People might have their eyes on Zion's shoes, in particular, after a shoe malfunction caused him to suffer a minor injury in one of the most anticipated games of the season.
@Sierato hooked Zion up with this pair of blue & white "AIRPLANE MODE ENGAGED" custom Kyrie 4s for the tournament.
Tre Jones Customs for Cancer Awareness
(source @sierato)
Being flashy isn't always the most important thing. Tre Jones announced earlier this month that his mother had been diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer.
@Sierato designed these custom Kyrie 5s for Tre Jones so he could raise awareness for the struggle that his mom and so many other women are facing every day.
Nolan Smith Customs
(source: @sierato)
As the Director of Basketball Operations, Nolan Smith had to show his support for The Brotherhood during the tournament.
@Sierato has to hook him up with his own pair of custom Kyries to rep his team during March Madness.
Cam Reddish Customs
(source: @sierato)
Cam Reddish also got his own pair of custom #CamFam shoes for March Madness.
Featuring the classic blue & white Duke colors, a custom lace swap, Duke's iconic branding, these are some of the cleanest on-court customs you'll ever see.
RJ Barrett Customs
(source: @sierato)
Last up is another one of NCAA's brightest prospects. R.J. Barrett got his own customs from @sierato.
The young star's custom shoes feature a clean black and white colorway with a subtle nod to Barrett's Canadian origins.
Duke Players Wearing Customs
(source: @sierato)
Be sure to check out the artist's IG to check out more of his custom designs. For information on how to get your own, visit his website.
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