Teach Them to Paint

An entrepreneurial spirit can yield some really cool results, and it’s cool to see our products used in such awesome projects. While some people love creating custom sneakers for themselves, more often than not, custom and restoration is a vehicle for entrepreneurs to start a business. There are enough big name customizers who have turned their hustle into a full fledged business, so finding a niche and perfecting it can become a legitimate operation.

One person really knocking out of the park as a small business owner is Cincinnati, OH based customizer Donald Buchanan III, better known as DB3 CUSTOMS. Not only has he been building his clientele list, but he has been doing something incredible for his community—he’s holding custom sneaker workshops.

Imagine having interest in custom sneakers and restoration and having a pro teach you how. At DB3’s custom workshops, students of all ages learn the basics of sneaker customization. Not only does he provide all the materials needed for your first custom, at $20 for an hour, $100 for 6 sessions, and $250 for unlimited monthly, these are super affordable.

We wanted to give a big shout out to DB3 CUSTOMS for his work in the community and his enterprising attitude—he’s doing big things and making a name for himself. If you’re in the Cincinnati area and want to learn how to customize your sneakers, get in touch with him at his website.

All images courtesy of @db3src.