The Customizer's Workshop

Customizing sneakers can become a serious business if done right. While right looks different from one person to the next, there are some standard practices that most customizers follow. Generally, those who want to commodify their hobby and turn it into a full-fledged money making endeavor tend to have a workshop.

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The beauty of a workshop is that no two are going to look alike. The name itself, "workshop," might imply something old fashioned, but really all you need is a table, a chair (or you could stand if you felt inclined) and your supplies. A roof might be optional, depending on where you live.

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As far as supplies go, having a rotating collection of Angelus Paint is always a good idea. It's interesting to see what colors different people have the most of. Between the Standard Paint, Collectors Edition, Pearlescent, Glitterlites, and Metallic Paints, there are plenty options.

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Another must is going to Paint Brushes. While you could use a random paint brush from the store, Angelus Paint Brushes were created exclusively for our paint. Since we make the paint, you can trust that we know what the best features a brush would need.

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Outside of paints and brushes, the rest is really up to you. Whatever your workshop set up looks like, we want to see it. Tag us at #angelusdirect and show us where you create your own sneakers.

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