M Meghan Boehm

The Cutting Edge

Apr 11, 2018

Creating customs is all about the details. Keeping lines sharp is key to giving any shoe a professional custom look. If you want to achieve clean lines having the right tools is essential.



When taping off soles or eyelets it's key to use the right tape for the job. Pro Mask Tape with Bloc-It Clean Line Technology helps prevent paint from bleeding, while Red Vinyl Tape is a favorite for it's pliability. 



Whether you're cutting around logos or other odd shapes, a sharp blade is a must have for precision cutting. The Fiskars Finger-Tip Series Blade fits right in your had for maximum cutting control. Having a sharp, easy to control blade means you can cut away tape without damaging the shoe itself.



Creating your own stencils is one way to create a custom look. Whether you're using tape or vinyl, a self healing mat like the one by Fiskars is a must have for cutting detail work. A mat protects your work surface and also provides you with a grid for precise cutting.

With the right tools, crisp, clean lines are within reach.

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