The Season For Gift Cards

The holiday season can be hectic time for shopping, which is why online shopping has become such a hit in recent years. But often times waiting on your items to ship, like a pair of sneakers for example, can be equally as a stressful. That's why so many big companies like Nike, Vans, Footlocker now have there own eGift card feature that gives online store credit to the person receiving the gift.

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It’s a safe to say that people love giving gift cards. When gift cards hit the market in the mid 1990’s, they were an instant hit, virtually eliminating the gift certificate, or “store credit” model that had been the go-to gift for out of touch dads prior to that. Funny backstory, gift cards were actually introduced by Blockbuster Inc. in 1994, and the cultural of gift giving essentially shifted forever (for better or worse, depending who you ask).

Remember this place?

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Gift cards gave the recipient something had not had before, which was the power of choice. While you might have gotten a gift card to a video store, you had the power to choose anything you wanted with your card, be it a video game rental, candy, those awesome pre made buckets of popcorn, all three parts of movie trilogy, whatever you wanted within the limits of your card. Mainly, the gift card allowed customers choice, and that's a pretty good present.

Losing a gift card is a bummer, yes; but it’s not like losing your real life credit card or driver's license. Something like 40% of card recipients have actually fessed up to losing gift cards. So it might be time to move beyond the physical gift card in place of something more convenient.

You don't have to lose this anymore.

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We like to stay ahead of the curb, so we have an eGift card feature of our own. With the Angelus Direct eGift Card, you can get a $10, $25, $50, or $100 and forward the info to your friends and family, so no shipping time, no wrong gifts, no need to hit up the return counter.