Tools & Accessories You Didn't Know You Needed

Tools & Accessories You Didn't Know You Needed

A few brushes and some paint might be all it takes to get started on your first customs project, but there are a number of other tools and accessories that can make your life as a shoe artist way easier.

From cleaning products to design accessories, take a look at how these products can help make creating your next pair of customs that much easier.

 Angelus Brush Cleaner

If you want to keep your colors accurate and your brush strokes clean, you need a product to help you keep your brush clean and soft.

Angelus Brush Cleaner makes it easy to keep your brushes and airbrush clean. All you have to do is soak your brush in the cleaner and agitate the bristles to keep your brushes good as new.


There's nothing worse than ruining the deadstock look of your customs with toe creases.

Decreasers make it easy to fill out your shoes during painting to prevent creasing when you're giving your customs that final touch.

Lustre Cream

Even if you take great care of your customs, the colors can fade and dry out over time.

Lustre Cream makes it super easy to restore, clean, and soften smooth leather shoes. A quick application of this stuff will restore your shoes and bring back their original colors.

Angelus 2-Soft

Using paints on soft fabrics can lead to clumping and can make these soft surfaces stiff.

Angelus 2-Soft is absolutely essential when working on soft fabrics, like the sock-liner of a shoe. When heat-set properly, this Fabric Medium will help keep your fabrics nice and soft after being painted.

Angelus Detail Knife

Whether it's for stenciling or just cutting masking tape, having a high-quality detail knife is essential for a good workflow.

The Angelus Detail Knife features a high quality anodized titanium handle, a soft comfort grip, and 6 total precision #2 blades, making it perfect for almost any project.

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