Wavy Customs

If you live near a coast, you know that people love the beach come summer. And with the beach and summer vibes are always going to be associated with waves. Even if you’re not a surfer, or Kanye, you’ve gotta appreciate the aesthetic of waves.

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Artistically speaking, waves have been a fairly well-used motif for centuries. One of the most recognizable paintings that tries, and does a pretty good job, capturing the power of the ocean is ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’ by Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai.

So it’s no surprise that the piece has found itself replicated on everything from shirts to custom sneakers. Since it’s summer, what’s more fitting than a wavy motif inspired by the ‘The Great Wave,’ like customizer @199xcustomize did with these adidas NMDs.

(Source: @199xcustomize)

In the painting, a rogue wave (possibly from a tsunami) is overtaking some boats. This might not be the most ideal thing to happen if you happen to find yourself out on the ocean, but there’s something calming about the way the giant wave looks in the piece. It’s probably the serene blue.

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The original woodblock print is considered one of the most recognizable pieces of Japanese art. While there are older paintings in this style, Hokusai’s piece is a longstanding classic in both the serious art world and more pop culture endeavors. These Jordans, also done by @199xcustomize, have the motif going on!

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With summer slowly coming to an end pay homage to “vast blue ocean” with your own wavy customs!

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