What you need to help your shoes survive winter weather

What you need to help your shoes survive winter weather

Snow, ice and rain can be hard on you and your winter shoes. Angelus Water & Stain Repellent can help protect your leather shoes all winter long, but if you didn’t prepare your shoes for winter weather here are a few products that can help you get them back in shape.

Angelus Desalter 

Salt is great for deicing sidewalks and streets, but it’s not great for your shoes. Salty sidewalks can leave splotchy, white stains on leather shoes that can be hard to remove. Angelus De-Salter is a great shoe cleaner for removing salt stains.

Angelus Boot Spray

Sheepskin boots keep you warm, but can be hard to keep clean. Angelus Boot Spray is specifically designed for making sheepskin products water repellent so they can stand up to wear in all types of weather.

Professional Shoe Stretch

Breaking in a new pair of shoes or trying to squeeze back into an old pair? Angelus Professional Shoe Stretch helps shoes conform to your foot so you don’t have to suffer through sore feet.

Winter weather can tough, but having the right gear can make it easier. Find the right Angelus products to keep your winter gear in great shape all season long.