Burnishing Gum


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Introducing Angelus Burnishing Gum – the perfect product for creating a smooth and glossy finish on raw leather edges. Crafted with the love for leatherwork in mind, Angelus Burnishing Gum is not just another tool in your crafting arsenal; it's the secret ingredient to transforming the raw edges of your leather projects into smooth, polished masterpieces.

Angelus Burnishing Gum diagram

Ideal for burnishing leather edges on: 
-Bags & More

Product Details:
-Net Contents: 4 fl oz / Net Weight: 118 g
-Eco-Friendly Formula
-Suitable for all types of raw leather edges
-Can be mixed with Angelus paints for custom colors

Embrace the joy of crafting with our friendly and approachable Burnishing Gum, and elevate your leatherwork from homemade to handmade with pride. Join our community of happy crafters who've discovered the joy of perfecting their projects with our eco-friendly Burnishing Gum. Add it to your crafting kit today and turn those raw edges into polished perfection!