Grex Genesis Tritium.TG5 Airbrush


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The Grex Tritium Series is a truly unique line of premium pistol style airbrushes. The pistol style trigger action proves to be much easier to learn for most beginners and has converted many experienced airbrush users who prefer its ergonomics to the conventional top trigger style.

Pull the trigger and you will start to get air. Keep pulling and you will start to feel a little tension. Continue to pull after feeling the tension; that's when the paint will start spraying. The further you pull the more paint flows. Total control.


  • 0.5mm Nozzle
  • Easy-to-use "pull" trigger controls both air & paint
  • Internally mixed media for fine atomization
  • Patented Quick-Fit standard and crown needle caps
  • Rear handle Quick-Fit needle cap storage
  • Interchangeable top mounted reservoirs
  • Preset adjustment knob for precise paint volume control
  • Replaceable solvent proof Teflon seals
  • Convert to different nozzle sizes with optional kits


  • Tritium.TG airbrush w/ 0.5mm Nozzle
  • Quick-Fit Standard Needle Cap
  • Quick-Fit Crown Needle Cap
  • 2mL (1/20 fl. oz.) Top Cup w/ Lid
  • 7mL (1/4 fl. oz.) Top Cup w/ Lid
  • 15mL (1/2 fl. oz.) Top Cup w/ Lid
  • Airbrush Carrying Case

Note: This item can only ship to the Billing Address of the credit card being used. May be returned if plastic wrap/seal has not been removed.