Reflective Bullet Metal Aglets


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Dress up your laces with our exclusive Lace Lab Reflective Bullet Metal Aglets. These Bullet Aglets are easy to install and do not require anchor screws! The reflective properties are perfect for adding night time visibility or when you really want your laces to stand out in photos taken with flash. 

  • Length: 20mm, Outisde Diameter: 4.7mm, Inside Diameter: 3.9mm.
  • Includes: 4 Bullet-Style Metal Aglets, 1 Super Glue.
  • Drop two to three drops of the Lace Lab Super Glue into aglet and apply to lace tip while holding pressure for a few seconds. 

May not fit through small plastic eyelets. Recommended to install aglets after the shoes have been completely laced up.