Silver Cylinder Aglets - Angelus Direct
Silver Cylinder Aglets - Angelus Direct

Silver Cylinder Aglets

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Want to take your Yeezy game to the next level? Dress up your laces with our exclusive Cylinder Metal Plated Aglets. Our aglets are easy to install, no anchor screws required! These sleek add-ons are a Lace Lab exclusive.

  • Length: 25mm, Outside Diameter: 4.7mm, Inside Diameter: 3.9mm.
  • Includes: 4 Cylinder-Style Metal Aglets, 1 Super Glue.
  • Drop two to three drops of the Lace Lab Super Glue into aglet and apply to lace tip while holding pressure for a few seconds.

May not fit through small plastic eyelets. Recommended to install aglets after the shoes have been completely laced up. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jeffrey F.
Being my Hare 7’s back to life

Can't wait untill I have a full weekend to clean and get started on the restoration of my Hare 7’s. They aren't trashed, just some paint freshened up and a few small area of the sole reglued. Of course new laces for these aglets.

Richard M.
Touch of class

Yeezy bling for a Jubilee upgraded...AWESOME!

Edwin G.
Silver Aglets

They didn't fit through the eyelets of the sneakers I purchased them for. But I still love them and plan on using them for another pair.

Jake M.

Was actually surprised it was metal and great quality


they look so cool on my custom airforces. Plus they cured fast and it is a super strong hold 10/10

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