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Brand New Angelus Products

Jan 11, 2023

We are excited to announce several brand new products that have recently been added to the Angelus line of products. Of course, we have made sure that they are all up to the high standards of Angelus that our customers are used to. We're confident that these new products help you take your projects to the next level!



Uses: Repair cuts in smooth leathers, cuts in midsoles, and midsole pitting/deterioration.

Angelus Paintable Repair Filler

Restore your leather surfaces effortlessly! Angelus Paintable Repair Filler has you covered when it comes to restoring your favorite leather items! Whether repairing minor holes and scratches in smooth leather or sneaker midsoles, Angelus Paintable Filler will create a seamless repair that dries with a flexible finish - helping protect against future cracks and tears.

Using Angelus Paintable Repair Filler

Angelus Paintable Repair Filler can also be mixed with Angelus Paints to help the Filler blend in with your item before even being painted. This versatile product is sure to become a favorite of customizers and restorers alike.

Let Angelus Paintable Repair Filler help keep all of your go-to pieces looking good as new!


Uses: Clean hard-to-reach areas with ease | Perfect for creating the “paint splatter effect”.

Angelus Detail Cleaning Brushes Toothbrushes

The Angelus Detail Cleaning Brush Set is ideal for precise cleaning, hard-to-reach areas, and splattering paint. Angelus Detail Cleaning Brushes come in a pack of two, including (1) Soft Bristle Brush and (1) Hard Bristle Brush, making this the perfect set for cleaning all items, from delicate to stubborn and hard-to-clean.

Cleaning a shoe with Angelus Detail Cleaning Brushes


Uses: Used for dyeing and staining leather, wood, and suede.

Angelus Wool Dauber 12 Pack

Previously only sold in a 100 Pack, industry-standard Angelus Wool Daubers are now available by the dozen. Perfect for applying dyes and stains to leathers, wood, and suede. Made from natural Australian Sheep Wool. 

We hope that these brand new Angelus additions help you take your projects to the next level! At Angelus, our commitment is to deliver exceptional leather care products and we strive to give all of our customers the same great experience. We are sure that these new additions will enhance any project and make it easier for you to make something amazing!

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