Keep Your Kicks Dry (And Don't Spill BBQ Sauce on Them)

Alright, so the Fourth of July is coming up in a couple days and you have your outfit laid out and your shoe game locked in. You’re going to a BBQ or a pool party or something fun.

Now what’s worse than spilling steak sauce or an adult beverage all up on your shirt?

Spilling them on YOUR shoes. That’s a real nightmare right there.

Picture this: you broke out a pair of Jordan 11’s, and you hit them with the Orange Galaxy Kit beforehand so they pop.

But the shorty you're dancing on has a one of those blue margaritas in her hand and someone bumps her and next thing you know—you’ve got drink spalshed all on your coveted J’s.

This is terrible thing to think about, we know! But time out: we’ve got you covered over here at Angelus Direct. Not only do we have the best paint to individualize your shoes, but we have top of the line shoe cleaner and waterproofing products for ultimate shoe care.

If you’re going to break out a pair of all whites, or even mostly white sneakers you definitely want them to look crisp. This is where are our Easy Cleaner comes in handy.

The easy cleaner is one of the most affordable products of its kind out on the market, while still being a top selling product with years of satisfied customers to back it up.

You can clean up almost any shoe material, from suede to satin with the Easy Cleaner. So be sure to hit whatever you’re wearing to the Fourth of July function.

Now back to this possible bad situation. You’re out on the dance floor doing your thing and a drink gets spilled on you, what happens?

Well if you sprayed your J11’s down with our Water & Stain Repellent, you’re going to be covered. As you can see in our handy video, this stuff works wonders.

So after you shined everything down with the Easy Cleaner, you’re going to want to spray your shoes down with two light coats of the Water Repellent.

If you’re bringing out the vintage Jordan 11’s, you want to keep that patent leather fresh from heel to toe. This is especially true if your creative output went into making these a one of a kind sneaker.

So remember, you don’t want to be the dude with messed up sneakers at the Independence Day party. Not only that, you don’t want all that hard work you did messed up because you had a margarita spilled all up over your shoes.

We want your shoes treated right!