Custom shoes inspired by the 80's and 90's

80's & 90's Inspired Custom Shoes

Are you a fan of the 80's and 90's fashion? Then you're in luck! Today, we're going to look at some custom shoes painted with Angelus Paints that are based on these iconic decades. These decades aesthetic can be quickly identified by their shapes, color schemes, technologies, and popular culture of the time. No doubt you see all of these aspects reminiscent in the work below.

 @dejesuscustom and @beardedbrocustoms 90's custom shoes

90’s Jordan 1’s by @dejesuscustomfootwear and @beardedbrocustoms

We know all the 90's kids have a soft spot for these! Crazy detail and thought put into this pair of custom painted AJ1s. Designed by @beardedbrocustoms and painted by @dejesuscustomfootwear with Angelus Paints. @beardedbrocustoms designed this as part of a competition where @dejesuscustomfootwear followers would vote on design mockups, and he would recreate the winners. It’s not hard to see why this was one of the winning pairs that got made. Once completed Dejesus linked customizer and photographer @canarykid_ to capture 90’s inspired photos, such as the one seen above.

@thewickedenchantment custom goofy movie shoes

Goofy Movie Vans by @thewickedenchantment

Made in the 90’s about living in the 80’s, the Goofy movie is a truly classic animated film @thewickedenchantment took her love for the movie and created a truly stunning pair of Goofy Slip-On Vans. If anybody has made a cleaner pair of custom shoes based on this movie…we havent come across them.

@shoesbyjar Custom shoes

80's Pizzeria AF1's by @shoebyjar

Neon Lights and pizza-at-the-arcade vibes. Man, the 80’s were cool (I’m assuming I wasn’t actually born yet). @shoebyjar created these 1 of 1 custom Air Force 1’s for a pizza shop that was completely revamping their aesthetic to make you feel like you are in the 80s while eating your pie. Not only do these shoes definitely match that 80’s aesthetic, they also look pretty dang appetizing.


It’s not hard to see that custom shoes are a fun and creative way to bring a part of the 80's and 90's back into your life. Whether based on fashion trends of the time, of a film character you fell in love with in your childhood, anything can be put on shoes, jackets, bags, and pretty much anything else by using Angelus Paints.