Angelus Direct is bringing sustainability to the luxury market

Angelus Direct is bringing sustainability to the luxury market

(source: @sunevarbil)

Luxury leather restorations are on the rise after years of fast fashion dominating the retail space. Luxury brands have long made a name for themselves by producing investment pieces that are timeless and durable. But for most, these pieces are out of reach. As more consumers look for an option that is both affordable and sustainable, Angelus Direct has seen an uptick in sales for products used on luxury restorations. Angelus Direct specializes in leather shoe paints and dyes that are used by everyone from sneaker customizers to top designers.

Tyler Angelos, CEO of Angelus Direct, notes that “even though we sell to some of the biggest handbag suppliers in the world, luxury goods have always been a sort of behind-closed-doors part of our business. They use our products for not only customizing but also restoring customers' bags.”

Luxury brands rely on Angelus Direct products to create durable accessories, so it makes sense that shoe customizers would turn to the same products.

In addition to their relationship with luxury brands, Angelus Direct sponsors shoe restorers, who do everything from returning designer heels to their former glory to customizing one-of-a-kind bags.

Kathryn Gaudet’s shoe restoration business grew out of her interest in creating accessories for herself. When she found a damaged Louis Vuitton Vernis bag she otherwise couldn’t afford, she did some research and discovered that it could be repaired with Angelus Direct products. From there she used YouTube tutorials to teach herself how to properly restore luxury items. Now an Angelus Direct sponsored artist, she says “their slogan ‘create what you can’t have’ really spoke to me.”

When asked what drew her to shoe restorations, Kathryn says, “restoring luxury items is appealing because these items are well made and can last a very long time if properly cared for.  When I look at certain pieces, like those from Tom Ford's era at Gucci, you can really appreciate how well those designs hold up.”

Tyler Angelos enjoys seeing the ways Angelus Direct products are used throughout the life-cycle of a piece. “People need to be conscious of renewability,” he says. “You can transform a product to be close to brand-new again or give it new life. There are many different levels of intricacy for everyone that are really fun and easy to do.”

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