Angelus Tutorials: Custom Denim

Angelus Tutorials: Custom Denim


Give new life to old denim with Angelus Paints. Jeans, jackets and any piece of denim clothing can be customized, just like leather, you just have to have the right tools and products. Angelus Direct sponsored artist @sophiesophss recently took us through the steps you need to take to create your own denim custom.


-Vinyl Stencil

-Heat Gun

-Flat White Angelus Paint


-Graphite tracing paper


-Detail brushes

-Black Paint

-Red Paint

-Chili Red Paint

-Orange Paint

-Yellow Paint

-Matte 4-Coat

1. Create Your Design

When you've decided what you want your design to be you can either paint it freehand or use a stencil. Having a print out or sketch of your design will also help. Here a vinyl stencil is transferred to the jeans using transfer tape. Once the vinyl stencil is in place you can use a heat gun to make sure the edges are fully adhering to the jeans.

2. Paint the Base 

For this tutorial Flat White Angelus Paint is used to block out the shape. Tracing along the edges and only taking paint right to the edge of the stencil helps keep paint from leaking underneath the edges.

3. Transfer the Design

To transfer the design on top of the Flat White Angelus Paint you can use graphite tracing paper. Use a detail brush to cover this outline in black paint and then fill in the rest of the design in red paint and chili red paint with orange and yellow accents.

4. Finishing Touches

When you finish painting your design you can remove the vinyl stencil. Clean up the edges by painting a black border around the edge. A layer of Matte 4-Coat on top will help protect the design.

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