Christmas Crafts

Christmas Crafts

The holidays can be an excellent time to get crafty and create some new memories. From easy crafts to more complicated projects, Angelus Paints can help transform everything from handmade ornaments to gift wrap into a one of a kind keepsake. 

Clear glass ornaments can be an excellent place to start. For this Christmas craft all you need are ornaments and a couple bottles of paint, no brushes or painting skills required. Simply choose your colors and drip your main color into the ornament after you have removed the hook on the top of the ornament. Thin the paint with Angelus 2-Thin for a more liquid consistency if you want to paint to spread. Once the first color has dried you can add a second to create a solid ornament or replace the hook and hang it on your tree with a semi-transparent design. Add some shine to your ornaments with Pearlescent Paint in silver or gold.

If you're looking to make your own ornaments try making some out of cornstarch. This dough is easy to roll and cutout like cookies, but once baked gives you a solid ornament ready to be painted. Use whatever cookie cutters you have and use them to create green Christmas trees or glittering gold stars.

Looking for a way to personalize your gift wrapping this year? Try painting your own gift wrap. Craft suppliers like Michael's and Etsy have a variety of paint rollers that can be used to create designs on plain craft paper. Create a faux bois look by combining brown craft paper, brown paint and a wood grain patterned roller.

Create your own design by turning a potato into a stamp. Just carve the design you want into the potato and cover your wrapping paper with everything from candy canes to mistletoe. Stick with traditional colors, like deep reds or bring a new color palette to your Christmas wrapping with some neon.

Find everything you need for painting your crafts this Christmas at Angelus Direct.