Crazy customs

Crazy customs

Again and again, artists prove that if you can dream it, you can customize it. Some of our favorite artists are getting creative not just with their designs, but with what they are customizing. It can be as big as a couch or as small as a pebble, but these customs prove that with the right creativity the impact can be just as great.

Anything is possible with the right paint supplies. Check out the latest customs that use Angelus Paints to make their visions come to life.

Sunset Stone

(source: @thewickedenchantment)

Sponsored Artist @thewickedenchantment shows that you can take something small and turn it into a work of art. This hand-painted stone takes inspiration from nature in both its design and color palette. Silhouettes of mountains and trees in shades of green are set against a geometric sunset that shifts from red to yellow. This custom proves you don't need a huge canvas or expensive sneakers to create something that's both beautiful and meaningful.

Geometric Leather Couch

(source: @etkemner)

If you are looking for inspiration when it comes to customizing something on a larger scale look no further than this hand-painted couch by @etkemner. Leather furniture can be a great candidate for upcycling. Leather is a durable material that can last for years, but sometimes stains or regular wear can leave it looking dated.

Here @etkemner turned the entire couch into her canvas and covered it with a green, blue and gold geometric design. Take a tip from her and try working in squares. Breaking a large piece like this into discrete sections makes this couch easier to tackle.

Tropical Motorcycle Helmet

(source: @alexandrazlkn)

There are times when a design is so intricate you want to keep everything else simple. That's certainly the case with this custom motorcycle helmet in Flat Black. Clean lines and stipple shading in all black on an off-white background give this design maximum impact. A diamond shape contains this tropical scene of palm trees, waves, and sunsets. Keeping it all one color helps keep all the details of this custom from getting lost.

Drip KAWS Bearbrick

(source: @jsm_801_customs)

For a more abstract look, get in on the drip art trend like @jsm_801_customs. He took an all-white Bearbrick figure by KAWS and transformed it with this colorful drip effect. This style of painting and bright colors make a perfect addition to this classic, Pop Art piece.

While the look is all about the unpredictability of the paint, control the color palette by using as few or as many colors as you want. You can use color combinations to create contrast, such as neons and darker tones like @jsm_801_customs did here, or stick with paints in a similar family, like pastels. Dripping paint allows you to play with paint in a totally different way and creates a one-of-a-kind look.

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