Creative Colorways

Creative Colorways

It can get tiring seeing the same combinations of red, white, black, and blue being used in every custom colorway. Not that these colorways aren't great, they're popular for a reason. But, it's nice to see something fresh every once in a while. So, here are some of the most creative custom colorways we've seen recently.

Cartoon Network AF1s

(source: @ianjpaintedit)

First up is sponsored artist @ianjpaintedit with these custom Air Force 1s inspired by some of the most popular Cartoon Network shows from the 90s. The classic all-white Air Force is one of the most popular and iconic shoes around, and this artist shows us how you can take that blank canvas and turn it into something unique. Pick up a 12 Color Assortment Kit to get started on your own.

Neon Drip Vans

(source: @customsbyquon)

@customsbyquon shows us how you can turn a pair of plain white Vans into a statement piece. These neon drip Vans are definitely a nice break from your more standard colorways. You can grab some Angelus hot pink paint, orange paint, and yellow paint to get going on your own neon colorway.

Cheetah Print Vans

(source: @bgamecustoms)

While Vans offers a wide variety of different colorways and customization options, you won't be able to find these anywhere. @bgamecustoms uses our paints here to create a custom gradient cheetah print colorway on these Sk8-his. Angelus violet, yellow, orange, and black paints can help you get going on a similar colorway.

Dr. Seuss Vans

(source: @visionarykickz)

These color block Dr. Seuss customs Vans by @visionarykickz are a great representation of what you can do with a pair of all-white Old Skools. Pick up some green, orange, and light blue paint for a similar colorway.

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” - Dr. Seuss

Neon Wave Runners

(source: @swellguycustoms)

Some people love the new Yeezy Wave Runners, some people hate them. Either way, you're sure to love this colorway. Sponsored artist @swellguycustoms uses our paints here to put together a sick neon colorway. Check out our YouTube channel for an easy-to-follow tutorial.