Custom Cleats That Aren't Custom

Now that it's summer, you're best option for catching a major league sports game in the U.S. really comes down to baseball. Sure there's summer league NBA, MLS, and golf, but baseball really is one of the big four. While baseball hasn't really been considered one of the more sartorial sports (that typically goes to basketball), these days you might find a little bit of flair out on the mound if you look hard enough.

(Source: @truebluecustoms)

The trend toward custom baseball cleats has really taken off over the past few years, in no small thanks to custom artists like SolesbySir and True Blue Customs. But more and more, players are able to break the monotony of an official uniform with a pair of custom cleats.

(Source: @solesbysir)

It seems like this trend has caught on outside of custom cleats though. Recently, adidas dropped its Icons 3 Legends pack just in time for summer. Coming out with a cleat that's just a tad more inspired that the usual fare is a step in the right direction when you compare it to the likes of what basketball players are coming out in.

(Source: adidas)

These cleats highlight some of America's great baseball cities— New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, and Atlanta, with a color motif relative to each cities dynamic culture and aesthetic. It's interesting though, when you look at these cleats something familiar comes to mind: they look like customs, and customs that have already been done. That's not a knock on adidas by any means, but more a testament to customizers leading the way. So if you have a pair of custom cleats, tag us at #angelusdirect!