Customs for Your Favorite Team

Customs for Your Favorite Team

Sports fandom in America is absolutely insane. People will do or wear anything to rep their favorite teams, and shoes are no exception. Let’s take a look at some of the best sports-themed customs in recent memory.

LA LeBron Customs

(source: @nardgotsole_htx)

LeBron’s decision to join the Lakers has made this year’s free agency one of the biggest in recent NBA history. As a result, @nardgotsole_htx felt inspired to customize some LeBron 15s. Highlighting the classic purple and gold color scheme the Lakers are famous for, these customs are perfect for bringing in this new era in LA.

Steelers Customs

(source: @nardgotsole_htx)

Steelers Nation will love these custom 3s. Pittsburgh fans can create similar customs with Angelus Yellow Paint, Angelus Black Paint, Angelus Blue Paint, and Angelus Fire Red Paint. Don’t hesitate to show love for your team with your own unique customs.

LeBron Yeezys

(source: @Sierato)

It’s been a tough year for Cleveland fans. From losing in the finals to having LeBron choose to head to Los Angeles. However, hopefully, these custom Yeezys can help ease the pain a little bit. These detailed customs utilize classic Cavs’ wine and gold in addition to black, brown, yellow to create a completely unique look.

Custom Celtics Jordans

(source: @mache275)

Celtics fans are some of the most passionate fans in the country, so there is no doubt they would love to rep these custom Jordans. Fortunately, the Celtics keep their color scheme pretty simple. Use Angelus Green Paint and Angelus White Paint for a similar style.

Rockets Customs

(source: @nardgotsole_htx)

With the resigning of CP3 to a four-year contract, Houston fans have a lot to look forward to. These customs by @nardgotsole_htx  are a great way to rep the Rockets for the upcoming years. Angelus White Paint, Collector Edition Varsity, Collector Edition DTRT Yellow, and Angelus Black Paint will help you make your own Rockets-themed customs.

Sports-themes customs aren’t a new trend, but they’re a perfect way for fans to represent their favorite teams during the season.