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Gift Guide: Giftable Customs

Dec 12, 2022 · Angelus Brand · Angelus Direct · Angelus Leather Paint · Angelus Paints · Angelus Sponsored Artist · Customs · Gift Guide

Everyone has that one person on their list that is impossible to shop for. A friend, family member, coworker, or teacher with very specific tastes or who seems to have everything. That's when a custom gift can be the perfect solution. A custom piece can be the best of all worlds, something one-of-a-kind that's made specifically for them. Check out some custom gift ideas below for something you know they won't already have and will be sure to love.

(source: @enzohkim)

Coffee lovers always seem easy to shop for, but it's hard to buy someone something like a bag of beans when you don't know exactly what kind they like. That's why something like a custom cold cup, like this one by @enzohkim, can be a great choice. This hand-painted cup has a fall theme with orange leaves, but you could just as easily create a winter-themed mug with white snowflakes. You could even use some Glitterites in White Sugar to add some sparkle. Give them a custom cup or mug with a gift card to their favorite coffee shop. It's the perfect gift to keep them warm through the winter.

For a holiday-themed custom they can use at home, check out this leather coaster custom tutorial by customizer Sophie Saldana of @sophiesophss. All you need is leather and some creative ideas to create a one-of-a-kind set just for them. Take inspiration from their favorite movie, sports team, or holiday for a gift that shows you know exactly what they love. Just be sure to seal your finished designs with a coat of Satin 4-Coat to protect them from wear.

(source: @boyarde)

Gamers probably buy the latest games and technology as soon as it comes out, but one thing they can't buy is a custom controller like these hand-painted ones by @boyarde. While these Playstation 5 Controllers take inspiration from favorite soccer players, you can choose any theme you think they'd love. Take inspiration from their favorite video game or sport, just be sure to add some Angelus 2-Hard to your paint to help it adhere to the hard plastic.

(source: @cassykustoms)

Another type of cover that can make a great, practical gift they use every day is a phone case. This clear case is transformed with flowers in blue, pink, and orange by sponsored artist @cassykustoms. Customize a plastic case like this one or even a leather case with their initials, so they'll always know which phone is theirs.

(source: @kick_freakzph)

Anyone always on the go will appreciate a water bottle and what better way to make it special than by customizing it? This hand-painted water bottle by @kick_freakzph adds palm trees in black to a pink and purple sunset to really make this bottle stand out. A custom water bottle is a great way to help them easily spot their bottle and stay hydrated year-round.

Find all your paint-related gifts at Angelus Direct this holiday season, and be sure to follow Angelus on Instagram to see the latest custom creations.

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