Custom Painted Snakes

We've talked about this before, but the formidable fashion house Gucci stays relevant in the sneaker community. Last year, the Gucci-inspired Huarache was a popular custom motif. In the summer, the Gucci-inspired slide came in hot off of Future's shout out on DS2 (remember, slides and flip flips aren't the same thing, but that's beside the point). There's a new Gucci motif coiled around your favorite sneaker logos.

(Source: @hanzicustom)

Yep, that's a Gucci snake. While the Huarache and the Slide both used Gucci's iconic tri-color as a template, this Winter, the Gucci inspiration is far more logo specific. You might have seen sneakers, bags, jackets, and so on with this red, black, and white snake coiled on the back. This is the color way for the king snake, and the signature look of Gucci's new creative director Alessandro Michele.

(Source: @danielcordas)

After former creative director Frida Giannini left, Michele took over in 2015. Mind you, with fashion houses, different people rotate in and out of the head position fairly regularly. Under Michele though, the Gucci logo of the moment is the kingsnake. Apparently the kingsnake represents wisdom, or something of the sort, but let's be honest, a red and black snake looks hard. You don't want to mess with this snake.

(Source: @trybucustom)

In reality, many kingsnakes tend to have vibrant patterns on their skin, much like the version at the center of Alessondro's collection. At a glance, the kingsnake's colors are similar to Gucci's iconic green-red color scheme. Variations on a theme apparently. So much like the double GG logo and the tri-color motif before it, if you try your hand at the Gucci snake, tag us at #angelusdirect. Hint: mix it up and use Standard Black, Fire Red, and Vanilla Paint.

(Source: @ill__customz)